Entry #17

Draconity album is finally complete!

2013-11-20 18:57:48 by Xyirx

Draconity album is finally complete after 5 years of consecutive production period! Listen to the pieces to unfold the stories of 9 dragonkins and experience the final chapter of their journey in Track 10, Draconity.

Feel free to click the link below to listen to the finished tracks.

1.) Dragon's Embrace
2.) Dragon's Wilderness
3.) Dragon's Awakening
4.) Dragon's Flight
5.) Dragon's Heart
6.) Dragon's Lair
7.) Dragon's War
8.) Dragon's Breath
9.) Dragon's Burden
10.) Draconity

Draconity album is finally complete!


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2015-01-15 12:20:06

Great work! I enjoy your audio submissions!