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It's nice.

A nice flash, but I think you could have done a lot more with emotional moments. It sounds simple and the song could have helped making this much more dramatic.

MarkyLyne responds:


Love it.

I just love Gobbles' groan....it's just so funny.


You pull this off very well. This must be very time-consuming. :) I like the parts where he skates around the paper roll.

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Easy to play and kid-friendly. :)

Hard but fun.

I find it a little hard to save up and buy atomic bomb though. But it's a fun game. I wonder why pagodas are there, actually. xD W/e they give me good money.

Very nice.


Surprisingly, I only got eaten once this time. lol There's one thing I learn from this game. "Don't try getting too close to people."

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Great interlude before it breaks out, epic-ly.

First off, what plugin/vst do you use? The percussion gives me a chill throughout. It's dark, strong, and powerful that I could imagine so many visuals to go along with it.

The song builds up from silence towards the upbeat end where you kind of leave some room to put other pieces in. Perfect for film-making indeed. Nice job.

Hellwreckage responds:

Percussion is a mix between Native Instruments Action Strikes, Damage and Evolve Mutations. Most of my plugs comes from Native Instruments and 8DIO.

And thank you for the kind words!

Who down-voted this?

Pretty exciting score you have here. The drums are very upbeat, exhilarating to listen throughout the end. I'm amazed how reverb makes your beat so epic. The only suggestion I'd give you is that the transitions among the each loop are a tad long which can lead to sudden drop of emotional build-up. If you could weave them together, it'd be even more spectacular. Great job.

Good mix of asian theme with electronica

Beats are okay and keep the song interesting, but I'd suggest you to tone hi-hat down a tad because it's quite sharp at times (coming from right earphone) while snare on the left is distracting.
The overall impression of the song is something between exciting and chilling at the same time, though it might be a bit far away from stratosphere, out-of-world feeling.

Keep it up. ;)

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Really spooky though creative. I love broccoli the most out of all of these. He looks like a zombie ready to devour some flesh. :D

Merol responds:



I dig lights (or is it looks more like northern lights?) on the background there. It makes the whole picture come to life and attract viewers more. Great job on that. But I could still sense that you're still keeping lights, shadow, and intensity of colors of characters to minimum. Lines are also sketchy looking to me (It's not a bad thing to be sketchy, but there's a different between sketch and sketchy). Like the other review I've said, try adding some more intensities in light and shadow for your art and drawings like these will have amazing depth of field, like an illusion.

Toki911 responds:

Glad you like it. I really appreciate the review. I'll try doing some more contrasting shades next time.

Great capture but lacks intensity.

It's a satisfying-looking piece of art here. I love the concept and short story you've written 'cause it fits with the art; however, I think you could have added more things to make this piece even more dramatic. For example, making this scene darker with some lights from the moon revealing the bloodshed could really gives me a chill. Right now, the whole image sort of looks flat to me because there's not enough light and shadow elements in. Try throwing in more shades and shadows in this piece, and you'll surely capture emotions much more.

Anyway, it's a very good piece of art. :) Keep it coming

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Toki911 responds:

Thanks again for the reviews, they were just what I needed to inspire me to continue doing these drawings. I couldn't really find a good way to show the distance between the foreground and the background, and that idea about more shading might just be it. I think I'll try to remake this scene in another picture, hopefully capturing more emotions.

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